7 Quick beauty fixes to look your best this Chinese New Year 2021

7 Quick beauty fixes to look your best this Chinese New Year 2021

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Text: Wei Yeen Loh

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No lash extensions this year? Magnetic lashes are your new go-to. Nails looking like they could use a manicure? Try festive nail wraps!

This year's Lunar New Year may not be the best one for many of us for the most obvious reasons (when will this COVID-19 pandemic be over?), but there are plenty of ways you can make the most out of it, whether it's ordering in the best yeesang platters from town or scoring red-hot wardrobe additions to look your best this year.

If you're bummed about not getting your usual head-to-toe pampering treatments in time for Chinese New Year, we've got a couple of useful beauty fixes to get your look in check. From quick nail art ideas to a two-minute hack on making your peepers stand out, these beauty tips and tricks are worth gleaning over:

Not going for the bushy-brow look this CNY? Try this trick

Your overly-grown brows have seen better days? If a full set of bushy eyebrows isn't something you're going for this CNY 2021, try our nifty guide to cleaning up your eyebrows here. While it sucks that you can't visit your regular brow-groomer in time for the festivities, we've got plenty of tips and tricks from eyebrow experts in our Brow Guide.

If you're really not feeling 100 per cent about tweezing 'em on your own, flaunt your brows the way they are—‘defiant’ brows have been a thing since 2020 and no one can tell you otherwise!

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No lash extensions this year? Try magnetic lashes

Missing how eyelash extensions can give you an effortless look in mere minutes? You don't have to fret over trying to work your sparse, short lashes into fluttery feathers, thanks to a whole slew of quick eyelash fixes that are available right now. 

We did a complete breakdown of magnetic and adhesive eyelashes here—take your pick from adhesive eyeliner (a great alternative to regular falsies) to magnetic clip-on lashes (you only needs seconds to put these on!).

But if you're going for an au naturel look, try coloured mascara to up the ante—your lashes don't always need length and/or volume to dress your eyes up.

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This 2-minute eyeliner trick to bigger eyes

Can't be bothered with lash extensions or full eye makeup? The MCO 2.0 bug has hit you (all of us, really) and we don't blame you. Even if you're staying in this CNY and planning to Zoom call your friends and family members, this eye-opening (literally) trick will come in handy.

Instead of repping a full-on cat eye, try filling in your waterline instead for a more defined look:

  1. Use a pencil or gel eyeliner and gently fill in (not glide!) your lash line, especially in between noticeable gaps
  2. Optional: Use a cotton bud to lightly smudge your lash line for a subtle look
  3. For extra holding power, dip an angled brush in an eyeshadow colour that's similar to your eyeliner and layer it over
  4. If you have time for an extra step, use nude eyeliner and line your lower lashline to make your eyes pop

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Don't forget about your nails

What's better than sporting different nail art on the daily? Getting them customised, of course! We love the convenience of nail wraps, stickers and press-on nails (CNY-ready ideas here!), not to mention, it's an easy way to get your nails 'done' for the occasion if you can't get to a nail salon.

While it isn't the same as a manipedi experience (who else misses hand massages?), there are a few steps you can take to provide extra TLC for your cuticles and nail beds. Read our complete tutorial on how to get your nails looking spick and span here.

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Get your glow on

It's never too late to treat your skin right, and if you're breaking out from maskne or WFH stress, you've got a few more days before Chinese New Year to work some magic. Banish your blemishes with tips from our acne guide here (we swear by these zit stickers); and don't forget to exfoliate while you're at it. Our pick? Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA Pore-Tight Toner is packed with PHA and BHA to help unclog pores while balancing your skin's pH. 

Tip: Add a few drops of serum into your favourite foundation for a glowy look. Try Skin Inc's Serum Booster Shot - Glow for a brightening effect.

Add colour to your complexion

You don't always need a full face of makeup to look put-together in a couple of minutes. For a pinch of colour on your lips and cheeks, repurpose your matte liquid lipstick(s)—tips here on how you can make the most out of it. Alternatively, you can also elevate your makeup look with a pretty eye makeup look that won't take too much time—shop our favourite pink-based eyeshadows here if you're going for sprightly hues this CNY.

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Revive limp hair effortlessly

If your hair has the tendency to fall flat on the second day and you don't intend to shampoo and blowdry it on the first day of Lunar New Year, check out our nifty tried-and-tested ways to add volume to your roots here. The best part? All three methods require hair styling products you may already have at home, from mousse to hairspray to dry shampoo.

But if an updo is your signature look and you can't be bothered with jazzing up your tresses, try these easy breezy hairdos you can wear to keep your hair up in this CNY heat.

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