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New year, new vanity: 6 Easy ways to upgrade your beauty desk


By Buro247

New year, new vanity: 6 Easy ways to upgrade your beauty desk

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#1: Illuminate your space with vanity lights

If there is any one thing I’d recommend from this list, it’s a good set of vanity lights. Good lighting is an absolute essential with any beauty desk—aside from giving your nightly skincare routine a wonderfully luxurious feel, being able to actually see whether your foundation is blended in correctly is, quite honestly, a game-changer.

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While you can get vanity mirrors with lights that are built-in, there are plenty of flexible light strips and wall lamps that work to illuminate spaces of any shape and size.

I personally opted to get a Hollywood-inspired vanity light strip (I have a flair for the dramatics), and I can honestly say that it’s the best feature of my room. In addition to being a very practical purchase, it has also elevated the look of my space considerably. All in all, it’s a 10/10 purchase. 


#3: Get sorted with some vertical storage

Vertical storage is a must-have on any vanity. The second best thing on my vanity has to be the clear acrylic drawers and pots that keep my collection both visible and tidy. 

#3: Invest in a practical vanity table

As someone who works in the beauty industry, my collection of products is… extensive. As such, I need a lot of space when it comes to my vanity. Up until recently, I’d been using the same antique dressing table that I’d been using for the last 15 years (courtesy of my dear grandma)—an undeniably beautiful piece, but far too small and oddly shaped to accommodate my collection.

Since then, I’ve shifted my vanity space to a table that is much bigger, and I have outfitted it with some customisable drawers to keep the ‘excess stock’ of products. In addition, I’ve invested in a 

#4: Keep your jewellery visible with a grid organiser

#5: Find yourself a Lazy Susan

I don’t know who Susan is or why she’s so lazy, but I would like to personally thank her for this contraption. I bought myself a