Kiran Jassal finds her perfect shade of red with Shiseido Rouge Rouge

Kiran Jassal finds her perfect shade of red with Shiseido Rouge Rouge

Pucker up!

Text: Gwen Ong

We got the Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 to put her best lips forward and share a beauty secret or two

Sixteen shades of red, one beautiful collection. Launched earlier in July, Shiseido Rouge Rouge captures the spirit of red gorgeously. The Japanese brand's 5-red colour payoff technology lets you find the perfect Shiseido red for your skin tone and mood. Whether it's basic, vivid or intense red, each shade is formulated with a rich, creamy texture to adhere evenly on the lips without losing lustre and moisture.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2016, Kiran Jassal spends a day with us to try out the new Shiseido Rouge Rouge collection. She also gives us the lowdown on her go-to beauty routine and why red is her favourite lipstick colour.

On her beauty routine...

I always cleanse, tone and moisturise! Then I apply eye cream and sunblock. I never leave home without doing these few basic steps! I can go out without makeup but I have to first prep my face for the sun.

On her makeup mantra...

Makeup truly depends on how you feel. You can plan whatever you want to do for the day, watch and learn makeup techniques from tutorials but if you don't feel like it, the desired look is just not going to turn out right. It's all about the feelings. Also, with makeup, there's always something new and different to try.

On her beauty misadventure...

I have this thing where if I'm going for an event and I start my makeup an hour earlier taking my time and trying really hard, the result will be good but not great. But on days when I'm rushing, with pigments all over my hands and my eyeliner is just not coming through, that'd be the day it turns out the best and I'll get the most compliment. I don't know why. Laughs.

On the Shiseido Rouge Rouge collection...

I'm really excited to play with the 16 shades of red! It's perfect! I like red lipsticks but there's never only one shade of red that will go well with you. I believe different shades of red bring out different mood and feelings, and they're suited for different events.

Kiran Jassal finds her perfect shade of red with Shiseido Rouge Rouge (фото 1)

On her love for red lipstick...

If it's a fun or flirty event or a particular look I'm going for, I feel red sort of brings out the vibes. More so when you're wearing white or black, it's always nice to add that pop of colour - this is why red appeals to me. It adds colour to my face and outfit.

On her go-to look for day, evening and party...

For day look, it would be simple and natural makeup with light brown or nude lips; I've got quite dark lips so even a darker brown would look nude on me. As for evening, I like to go for the smoky eyes effect paired with a red lipstick, while for my party look, it would be edgier with thicker eyeliner and dark lipstick.

Kiran's Shiseido Rouge Rouge looks


The reddish brown tint of the Shiseido Rouge Rouge ‘Sweet Desire' complements Kiran's skin tone sweetly. The colour is fitting for days when you want a natural look; it appears almost nude on her lips.



The Shiseido Rouge Rouge 'Poppy' brings a bright pop of red to a glamorous evening event. Kiran's lips appear defined and the classic red highlights her warm skin tone. 



The intense reddish violet shade of the Shiseido Rouge Rouge ‘Rouge Rum Punch' spells sexiness. Kiran smoulders with a darker lipstick and her features are greatly magnified with a more pronounced eyes and lips.




Photography: Eric Chow/Blink Studio

Photography assistant: Tommi Chu

Styling: Chong Yi Suen

Makeup: Chu Fan using Shiseido

Hair: Juno Ko


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