Why Decorté’s iconic Moisture Liposome is still the go-to pre-serum after 25 years

Why Decorté’s iconic Moisture Liposome is still the go-to pre-serum after 25 years

A beloved icon

Text: Gwen Ong

The pre-serum is a much-cherished product among many women for many reasons – we get down to the secrets of its lasting power


A milestone is always worthy of a celebration. To turn 25 is a testament of the significant role Decorté's Moisture Liposome has had in the lives of many women. The Moisture Liposome is the result of an extensive R&D where it is formulated to help optimises skin moisture balance for a longer period of time as compared to other conventional moisturising products.


Those who have tried the Moisture Liposome reported skin that is hydrated and dewy round the clock. This is all thanks to its multi-layer liposome technology—a breakthrough discovery that allows the skin to drink in moisture for hours on end and keep skin looking radiant and glowing throughout the day.


How does liposome really work?

Imagine an onion that is made up of many layers; a liposome is similar—it's a multi-layer microcapsule that has phospholipids, which are the chief elements of the cell membrane. Liposome is miniscule in size at 0.1micron or 1/10,000mm in diameter. It has an excellent affinity with the skin and can pass through the epidermis easily.

Why Decorté’s iconic Moisture Liposome is still the go-to pre-serum after 25 years (фото 1)

Liposome has amazing effects on the skin as its multi-layer structure allows the moisturising agents to be released on the skin layer by layer. Each time, a portion of beautifying agents contained in the layer is released to nourish the skin and help to restore radiance. This formed the basis behind the research done by Kose Corp that resulted in the birth of Decorté's Moisture Liposome 25 years ago.


5 Reasons why Moisture Liposome is still loved by all


1) Superb absorption

Decorté's Moisture Liposome has beautifying agents with the best skin cell penetration and absorption ever used in cosmetic products. With its minute size, the pre-serum smoothly penetrates into every keratin layer even in troubled and problem skin to leave it refreshed and rejuvenated.


2) Précised targeting

Moisture Liposome is formulated with highly advanced microcapsules that know where to transport moisture to the areas of deficiency. With a composition akin to the skin cell's membrane, it works to strengthen these areas swiftly to repair damaged skin cells.


3) Lasting nourishment

Each liposome is said to contain as many as 10 to 20 layers and these are released onto the skin in a time-release manner. Thus, liposome has a longer ability to provide moisturisation when a fresh portion of nutrients is released onto the skin with each layer that peels off.


4) Harmonious synergy

With its swift delivery of nutrients into the skin, Decorté's Moisture Liposome works in harmony with your arsenal of beauty products to trigger further moisture absorption into the deepest of keratin layer. You will notice smoother skin surface and softer skin texture as your barrier function increased.


5) Gentle moisturisation

With a composition solely of active agents, Moisture Liposome brings powerful skin-loving effects. Its oil-free and alcohol-free formulation makes it suitable for all skin types, even on sensitive skin.



To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Decorté's Moisture Liposome, we're giving you a chance to enjoy a beauty boost, head to this page to redeem a trial.