BuroBeautyBattle: We attempted to recreate a SS20 runway makeup look in 5 minutes — here's what happened

It's on like popcorn

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

What do you get when you put two not-so-professional beauty lovers with a bunch of makeup products, a runway makeup look for reference, and five minutes on the clock?

Welcome to BuroBeautyBattle, a new series where BURO team members battle it out on timed beauty challenges (not without laughs, gaffes and mishaps)—from near-impossible runway-inspired looks under five minutes to putting on makeup without a mirror (tune in tomorrow night on BURO Hangouts Live for more).

This time around, Editor, Rachel Au, and Deputy Editor, Loh Wei Yeen, go head-to-head on a two five-minute battle to recreate a makeup look from the Spring/Summer 2020 runway. A pale blue eyeshadow and a noir lip—how difficult can it be, right? Wrong. Watch us attempt our best (despite having a meltdown in the process) at recreating this look in the video above.

Spoiler alert: Frozen was not on Rachel's moodboard, but we'll let you decide on our final looks.