Bulgari Rose Goldea: An olfactory symbol of sensuality

Bulgari Rose Goldea: An olfactory symbol of sensuality

Made for the queen amongst queens

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Bulgari Rose Goldea's sleek rose gold bottle holds an evocative scent that's inspired by the modern-day Cleopatra

The modern day heroine is fearless and fascinating as she is confident and feminine. Much like the 21st century embodiment of Cleopatra, she is mesmerizing and rises among others to be an icon, one that is both delicate and assertive. And as the saying goes, only the best is deserving for this woman so powerful, she slays in all aspects of her life much like a queen would—which explains why Bulgari Rose Goldea is the perfect fragrance for a woman as such. Also inspired by the goddess of the sun, the Rose Goldea intends to follow a seductive perfume tradition, including Cleopatra's sinewy serpent that served as her iconic ornament and royal symbol of power. Bulgari's signature serpenti emblem finds it way on the Rose Goldea, entwining the rose-hued bottle that is poised to be the next status symbol on a woman's vanity dresser. Adorned with the house's shades of gold and rose, these precise shades also relates to the bronze of the sunrays and the lovely blush of a woman's cheeks—the ultimate symbol of elegance and perfection.

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But what lies within the bottle is a tantalizing treat to explore: The heart of the Rose Goldea is the Damask rose that's fractionally distilled to obtain a strong essence. Fused with verdant, the rosy notes offer a light fruitiness that's also sensual to boot. Musky notes by way of carnal, creamy, floral and fruity facets marry the freshness of the rose subtlely, and the sacred pomegranate illuminates the Rose Goldea's top notes delicately. Egyptian grandiflorum jasmine bathes the scent with floral voluptuous notes, and a rich milky essence from Sandalwood milk lends character and depth to the Rose Goldea. And perhaps the most intriguing ingredient in this fragrance is the very precious white incense—harvested from the bark of the Boswellia tree and deemed more valuable than gold by Egyptians. Captivating and passionate, Bulgari Rose Goldea offers supreme sensuality captured in a combination of rose and white musks. 

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Bulgari Rose Goldea is now available at all Bulgari fragrance counters nationwide.


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