A luxurious afternoon at Pañpuri Organic Spa in E&O Hotel, Penang

A luxurious afternoon at Pañpuri Organic Spa in E&O Hotel, Penang

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Text: Wei Yeen Loh

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As part of our #BuroRoadTrip this month, we reviewed Penang's only organic spa nestled in a colonial hotel in Georgetown

The existence of Pañpuri Organic Spa on the sixth floor of Eastern Oriental Hotel, Penang, was a surprising nugget of information that I received prior to our #BuroRoadTrip—firstly because Pañpuri Organic Spa is one of Thailand's few organic spas that offer an exclusive range of organic beauty products as well. I was excited to try one of Pañpuri's signatures, the 90-minute long Mali Moonlight Soothing Massage (also available in a 60-minute session).

A luxurious afternoon at Pañpuri Organic Spa in E&O Hotel, Penang (фото 1)

Pañpuri Organic Spa's reception area is an impressive sight to behold, with signature black and gold colourways decking the walls and furniture. There I was presented a few organic, in-house therapeutic massage oils that offer individual health benefits, and eventually decided upon lemongrass because 1) it's my favourite scent and 2) it helps relieve stress and happens to be an excellent mosquito repellent. My therapist Cindley then ushered me into the Couple Room that holds two separate massage tables, an indoor bathroom, wardrobe, and not forgetting, a breathtaking view of the straits. For those who are finicky about privacy or the glaring sunlight, you can opt to have the curtains drawn as well. The other Couple Room next to mine features an indoor sunken jacuzzi next to the window—a treat for honeymooners perhaps.

Cindley began the session with an organic foot scrub made of kaffir lime and leaves, which smelt as good as it felt. I was also given a warm neck pillow filled with natural plant ingredients to help relieve the tension on my neck, which was a thoughtful addition as I did mention to her earlier on that my neck and shoulders were feeling knotted and slightly tensed that morning. Right after that, it was time to get started on the massage session. The Mali Moonlight Massage is said to combine traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy, Reiki, and acupressure techniques to allow absolute relaxation—and boy was I ready for that. I dozed off at the beginning when the massage began from the legs, back and then my arms as she massaged with strokes that were more soothing than they were tension-relieving. But when it came to my neck and shoulders, I noticed the acupressure technique kicking it as the therapist applied deep firm pressure with her palms across both areas for a longer period of time, compared to the rest of my body. It felt good—but in a painful sort of way that might be more enjoyable for those who have a higher tolerance of pain. That said, it was impossible to doze off again during that duration of muscle-loosening kneading.

A luxurious afternoon at Pañpuri Organic Spa in E&O Hotel, Penang (фото 2)

After getting wiped down with a towel, I was informed that the session was done and I can drop by the waiting area once I get dressed. Cushy seats, elaborate lamps and brass furnishing made the waiting room an unusually bold but welcoming space to be seated in while sipping hot ginger tea and munching on dried fruits post-massage. I wouldn't mind dropping by Pañpuri Organic Spa once again (for a facial treatment maybe?) for my next Penang adventure in the near future.


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