14 Outrageous nail art designs to take on if you're feeling adventurous

Too rad

From glitter-encrusted to unicorn-inspired, these nails aren't for the faint-hearted

Always wanted to try something radical with your nails but never had the guts to do so? Instead of the usual crystal-laden, floral 3D nail art designs that are atypical, go against the grain with these trends. No one can accuse you of failing to nail it—all you really need is a dash of confidence and a trustworthy manicurist.


Termed "fire and ice", this intricate nail art looks like a combination of broken glass, glitter, diamantés and more.


This one's for The Little Mermaid lovers—we're digging the textured seashell effect.


These light-reflecting disco-ball inspired nails are just what you need to hit the town with.


Holographic nails inspired by unicorns to complement your rainbow highlighter—what more can we say?


Potterheads can channel their fandom via this eye-catching nail art.


In case you're about to get turnt at a party, show them how it's really done.


We can't decide if we're loving the pride colour palette, or the meticulously-layered heart sequins more.


Get your bling on with these nail designs that resemble gold and diamond bars. 


No better way to cement your status as a legit Sailormoon fan than having this pretty set of nails.


For nail minimalists, try this trend that incorporates wires made into words.


Alternatively, "stitch" your nails up with this relatively simple design.


You can always explore with texture (case in point, fur) for a statement-making look.


Or you can also take on this season's biggest fashion trend, logomania, if you literally want to make a statement.


The antithesis of bling-ed out nails, these dainty art and negative space will give new meaning to what "outrageous" means.


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