It has been a thrilling journey thus far for both the Malaysian Olympians at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the rest of us supporters. On Wednesday night, the nation held their breaths as our mixed doubles badminton pair Goh Liu Ying and Chan Peng Soon played in the finals, vying for the most wanted gold medal. It was a spectacular match where they gave their all and the result was a silver medal—the first medal for Malaysia in that Olympics category. 

Goh liu ying chan peng soon rio 2016

It was heartwarming to see so many Malaysians united in support of the pair but Goh Liu Ying's Facebook post last night about her Olympics journey prove to be even more heartfelt. MalaysiaKini translated the post from Mandarin and reads as below:

"An Olympic medal, to me, was a distant dream. To be able to stand on the Olympic podium was a fantasy.


I was the first batch of Malaysia's mixed doubles team. In the early days, Malaysia's mixed doubles teams were put together impromptu, without real planning. At that time, Malaysia's focus was only on the men's singles and men's doubles teams. Malaysians were also only interested in men badminton players.

Goh liu ying chan peng soon rio 2016 finals

Two years ago, for the sake of performing in the Olympics, I underwent surgery to repair both of my damaged knees.


In the beginning, the goal was to perform in the group stage. Then, when we got into the semi-finals, I thought that maybe we may have a chance at a bronze medal. When we won the semi-finals, I felt like I was in a dream. Did I really win? Is this not a dream? I have dreamt for many times how great a feeling it would be to be able to stand on the podium.

Goh liu ying chan peng soon rio 2016 semi finals

In the finals, we faced the Indonesian team which was in strong form, and we did not perform up to expectations. Many people hoped that we could go for Malaysia's first gold Olympic medal but regrettably, we couldn't put up a good match.


Standing on the podium and seeing the moment our country's flag was raised, I teared up. I could only dream of this moment, I never thought it could happen. We entered the Olympics in eighth place, there were so many opponents who were better than us.

Goh liu ying chan peng soon rio 2016 finals 2

I am just Goh Liu Ying. I did not have such remarkable achievements like the Chinese team, I did not have the steady performance of the Korean team, I did not have the tactical strategy of the European teams nor did I have the experience of the Indonesian team. I am just Goh Liu Ying.


I was not born with the body of an athlete. When others completed the training set by our coach, I could only complete half of the training. I couldn't build up my muscles like the other athletes. With smaller muscles, there is less protection and my chances of injuries increase. As I have undergone surgery, I also could not overexert myself during training. The strength of both my legs is also lesser, compared to others.


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I am Goh Liu Ying. I am the Rio Olympics badminton mixed doubles silver medalist. This makes me proud for the rest of my life."


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