Could it be a sign of early preparations leading up to the next whirlwind schedule in London town? The flock of fashionistas clad in dove white seemed to signal a cleansing of the palate, a clean state, a new start.

The second last day of shows and the final full-day scheduled, New York Fashion Week day seven was both serene and refreshing. Despite the blanched palette, it was a showcase of the versatility and many facets of ivory in fashion.

Whites done in mercerized cotton are crisp and classic. Glossy satins in white are ethereal. White linen is breezy. Produced in soft knits they're comforting and against other hues, they can be stabilizing yet graphic. Jerseys en blanc are indisputably sporty. Finally, we can all agree that there's nothing dreamier than layers of white chiffon, tulle and lace.

On top of all that, there is no shade in the entire spectrum that would clash with absolute neutrality of white. All said, the colour (or lack thereof) sure proves to be the ultimate chroma-chameleon.


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