Less dictative, more provocative. When a solitary image materialises, its message is restrictive. Fashion, however, is not. The reimagined Prada 365 campaign sweeps through a spectrum of ideas.  These ideas do not dictate, they provoke.Law & Reorder: Prada 365 casts Jude Law in brand new reworking of the fashion campaign

In reflection of the complexity of life and to embrace the plurality of reality, Prada 365 is a manifold display of its Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Showcased through five separate visual identities—namely: Terrains, Pathways, Frontiers, Exits, and Stations—the many possible interpretations of the lineup are poetically emphasised. The distinct locales, disparate as may be, merge to form a progressive narrative envisioned through the photographic language of Willy Vanderperre.


Set in scenes enveloped by barren 'Terrains', Jude Law plays a man wandering through the dunes. An actor by vocation, Jude Law embodies the multiplicity in question; through his art, he enacts many parts, but he exists as one; a singular entity.


So, start here, with 'A Story', then explore the rest to find a tale that suits you best.









Watch the campaign come to life:


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