Dior opens a new boutique in the heart of Seoul

Gangnam Style

Dior opens a new boutique in the heart of Seoul
With all eyes turning towards Korea (and no small wonder, as Seoul Fashion Week gains serious traction and K-pop stars frequently adorn the front rows of fashion weeks around the globe), it is by no mere coincidence that Dior chooses to build one of its largest, most beautiful boutiques in the Korean capital.

Located in a district that was rather unfortunately imbued into our daily discourse through song, Gangnam commands one of the highest real estate prices per square meter in South Korea. The Dior boutique building spans six levels, with dedicated floors for men, accessories, fine jewellery and watches, ready to wear and shoes, a dedicated VIP lounge and gallery and on its uppermost floor, a Dior café operated by the Picasso of Pastry, Pierre Hermé. Limited edition Lady Diors as well as jewellery and accessories will be sold at the boutique in celebration of its June 20 opening.

Jason Lim

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