There is plenty to love about Izrin Iz-Low's fashion label Innai Red, and it goes beyond the femininely flattering aesthetic coupled with sleek handstitched embellishments that it's well-known for. We went behind the scenes with the inspiring entrepreneur and dynamic duo/fashion designers, Juliani Jamal and Arene P. Khairudin on Innai Red's first Resort collection. Inspired by the spirit of Rio de Janeiro and all the glamorously exotic elements it is known for, the label's promising collection features jackets, shorts and dresses in orange, nude, blue of all hues, along with exquisite sequin floral embellishments and dramatic ruffles worthy of luxe tropical getaway. Can you tell we're already excited for our next summer vacay in Brazil?

Behind the scenes of: Innai Red's first Resort Collection

Innai Red Resort Collection shows on August 17 this Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016.


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