LFW SS16: Eudon Choi

Minimalistic at best

LFW SS16: Eudon Choi
Eudon Choi's pretty, 90s-like silhouettes and proportions are more than meets the eye

Reworking and elevating the simplest silhouettes, materials and colours seem to be Eudon Choi's forte. On a spring palette of white, pastel pink, light peach and khaki, Choi's pieces were inspired by a Victorian artist John Anster Fitzgerald.

There were plenty of asymmetrical and drawstring elements, offering room with structure and volume as he experimented with ruching on basic everyday wear, from sleeves of cape trenchcoats and jackets to the mid-hemlines of skirts. A quirky twist to his collection were the mismatched boots—an interesting contrast to his otherwise simple, pared down designs.

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