After kicking off in Singapore earlier this month, 'Bi Lateral Bonds' has now officially opened in Taksu Kuala Lumpur until 27 August 2016. The curated exhibition marks the celebration of both nation's independence days—9 August for Singapore and 31 August for Malaysia.


A prominent presence in the Southeast Asian art industry, Taksu provides a great platform for established and emerging local artists to showcase their work at their art galleries. Through this particular exhibition, they aim to celebrate the relationship between Singapore and Malaysia, as well as encourage the local arts scene and foster cultural exchange with each other. Being neighbours, it is inevitable that the two nations have always shared close ties, despite the separation in 1965. Our cultures are both similar yet unique.


'Bi Lateral Bonds' showcases new artworks by artists from both countries, including the Miguel Chew, Najib Bamadhaj, Mark Tan, Simon Ng, Sofia Haron and Azizi Latif.


Take a look at selected pieces from the exhibition here: