Never one to shy away from change, 'Pitch Black' shows listeners an evolution in Chaz Bundick's (aka Toro y Moi's) style. While the sound is typically aloof for Bundick, the approach-rap-is a relatively new to his catalog.  Following his indie rock-influenced release earlier this year, What For? Bundick's making clear that Toro y Moi has many ways to ask that question. Rome Fortune, an Atlanta based rapper, narrates "the coldest motherfucker on the planet" for whom there is no redemption in romantic failure. There is simply a dusting off and a walking away: "Universe'll react/ She know that I ain't never mad at that." Rome's lyrics cut deep, but it's Bundick's clipped beat, wandering its way through the track that tells us just how disinterested the character is. Bundick's production is already an icy vessel and rap somehow gets the temperature down even lower.