Earlier this year, Juliette Mutzke-Felippelli of Los Angeles-based design studio Joogii designed a chair called the 'French Touch'. Inspired by French house music from the '90s (think Daft Punk and Etienne de Crecy), the eye-catching iridescent chair is made of CNC-cut acrylic covered with dichroic film and assembled with steel bolts. With puzzle-like lap joints and a reflective surface that interacts with light to create a cool, colourful spectrum, the chair is a conceptual demonstration of how tracks of that era were produced by combining disco samples and filters to create that signature sound.

A French house music-inspired collection that will add a dose of cool to any home

Juliette also put together a mixtape that embodied the French Touch as an accompanying sensory experience. Take a listen here.


She then expanded the collection to include a new chair, coffee table, side table, vases, a desk object, as well as wrist art. The whole collection shares the same iridescent aesthetic, with clean geometric shapes, exposed edges and interlocking elements to create its sleek, prismatic landscape. See the collection here: 

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