Ever woke up feeling like you couldn't be bothered with taking your time filling and shaping your brows nicely before you head to work? Yes - we all have one of those days, where the state of our brows might have seen better days as we ponder on how to make it look fuller/thicker/darker/lighter (whichever dilemma you're facing at the moment). 


But good news await us all! Benefit Cosmetics has just released a range of brow-tastic must-haves in their latest Brow Collection that will make it easy-peasy for us all to achieve bangin' brows in a jiffy. A fantastic lineup of brow products that include brow pencils in powder, cream, and wax formulas, a shaping kit, brow setting gel, brow primer and even a brow area highlighting pencil that will ensure your brow-arch game is on point.


Made for the amateur who struggles to find a right pair of beautiful brows to frame her face, Benefit's Brow Collection has nine smashing products that you need to have in your beauty kit right now. Skimpy, sparse brows - begone!


Benefit Brow Collection will be available in stores from July 2016 onwards.


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